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Baby Rice, Apple Porridge & Mess! #WeaningWednesday


So, last Wednesday I shared my weaning equipment here on the blog. I have since then tried Parker on two different foods.

Firstly, Aptamil Organic Baby Rice.


The first day we tried this he seemed to enjoy it and couldn’t wait to get it off the spoon. I thought it had a strange consistency, and worried that I actually didn’t make it properly although I followed the instructions. Nevertheless, he ate it.

Day Two – he wouldn’t touch the stuff! Was not interested at all, closed mouth and looked away – totally unimpressed. I decided that maybe he wasn’t quite ready, so left it a couple of days before we tried again. I also now think that he just didn’t like the taste – it is very bland.


The next time we tried – after his lunchtime milk feed (as we had done the previous times) – Organix Fruity Apple Porridge. This seemed to have a much better consistency, it looked like a very smooth porridge (I added a little more milk after I took the photo above). Parker loved it! He kept wanting more off the spoon each time I offered it, in the end I had to take the bowl away and distract him with Sophie the Giraffe.

I am going to try one more day of the porridge, and then (all being well) move on to veggie first tastes from the Ella’s Kitchen First Tastes book.

I am looking into what veggies can actually be frozen, and still taste nice – does any one have any tips or advice?