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The Weaning Journey of a First Time Mum!


As a first time mum I am constantly learning – and worrying! – when it comes to bringing up Parker. There is SO much information out there that at times it can feel overwhelming. I wanted to do some different posts here on the blog, so I am intending to document Parker’s weaning journey.

Parker is currently 5 months old and very independent. Although here in the UK our Health Visitors tell us that weaning doesn’t need to take place before 6 months, I feel that he is completely ready for it.

For today I thought I would simply share with you the equipment I have purchased over the last few months. I aim to give Parker homemade baby food – obviously we will use the pouches when convenient, probably the Ella’s Kitchen ones.

I’ve tried to find links to each product for you. I haven’t been sponsored in any way for this post. Of course, I’m not saying that you need all of these items, these are just things I have purchased.



1. Nuby Fruitsicles
I saw these on Mrs Meldrum’s YouTube channel and had to get them. I thought these would be perfect for Parker in the Summer, to make fruity/yogurt ice lollies. Great for small hands!

2. Tommee Tippee Weaning Cups
The blue one was a bargain at 99p from Aldi, again in a baby event. I thought it would be good to have two, incase one is being sterilised etc.

3. Oogaa – Silicone Baby Spoon
This is quite gimmicky really, but I loved it! A train spoon 🙂 I got it in the sale from Mothercare, I wouldn’t have paid full price for it.

4. Nuby ‘The Nibbler’
A friend actually recommended this to me, as she used one with her little girl. I’ve bought one for my mum’s house too, from Asda.

5. Tommee Tippee Explora Spoons
Just some simple, basic, silicone feeding spoons.

6. Nuby Feeding Bowls
Again, from an Aldi baby event (my mum got these so not sure on price). Simple, basic bowls.

7. Disney Bib – Tigger
From George @ Asda, £3. It is like a jacket at the front, with no back. I’m hoping this will save some clothes…here’s hoping! Ha.

8. Griptight Bib
Another Aldi bargain. Silicone, easy to roll and store – has a food catcher bit. I can’t find a link for this one, but I’m sure you can get them from other places – Boots, Mothercare, Tesco, Asda.


1. Munchkin Mini Blender
I picked this up during one of Aldi’s Baby Events earlier in the year, for £8.99. We do have a food processor, but as this is smaller (and was pretty cheap) I thought I’d give it a go.

2. Tesco Freezer Weaning Tray
A really simple freezer tray, slightly bigger portion sizes. I probably won’t use this straight away.

3. Tommee Tippee Weaning Pots
I got these on eBay for 99p! (with a little dunk in some Milton, they will be fine!) Again, they have a silicone base to make them easy to pop out – I could also carry these in my changing bag with some snacks in.

4. Nuby Wash ‘n’ Toss pots.
Another Aldi bargain (honestly Aldi’s baby event is fantastic for saving money on branded products!). These are re-useable or disposable. Simple little pots – again great for travelling and storing snacks.

5. 2 x Silicone Ice Cube Trays
These are from B&M Bargains for £1.49 each. I got these to freeze purees – these have silicone bases so I can pop them out and store them in bags to save space.

6. Ikea Storage Bags
I LOVE these Ikea food bags. I use them for everything in our house, they are great and so cheap! I aim to freeze purees in the ice cube trays, pop out and store in these bags – labelled and dated with a sharpie (I like to be super organised!). You can re-use these really well too, as they are completely resealable.

Ella’s Kitchen First Foods Cook Book – £4.99
I pre-ordered this as I love the look of Ella’s Kitchen products and feel that the popular Annabel Karmel can be a little dated. After briefly flicking through it I can tell Parker is going to love some of the meals (I think mummy and daddy might too!). The recipes look fab, and super easy to do!

Have you used any of these products? Do you have any words of wisdom when it comes to weaning? Or are there any products that you couldn’t have lived without?


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Charity Shop Haul


I love buying clothes for Parker – as you already know – and came across a lovely new charity shop in town. All the proceeds go towards Oasis, a charity that provides emergency accommodation and support for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.

I spend a grand total of £4 and got 5 lovely items, all in excellent condition.


Mamas and Papas Check Shirt – £1


Boots Miniclub sleepsuit – £1


Kermit the Frog Jumper – £1


Long Sleeved Dog Top – Sainsburys – 50p
Mickey Mouse T-Shirt – 50p

I was so chuffed with my finds and will definitely go back and browse again. It is great to know that the money is going to a great cause, whilst saving me pennies too!

Do you have any nice charity shops in your town? Do you rummage in them often? What has been your best find?

See ya!

Stacie and Grant

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Dear Parker – 12 week update

ParkerUpdateDear Parker,

I cannot believe that you are 12 weeks old today. It really does seem like only yesterday that you were a tiny, fragile newborn that mummy didn’t have a clue what to do with. When people say time flies they really aren’t kidding.

You are such a happy little boy. You smile all day long, showing off your lovely dimples. You are enjoying ‘tummy time’ now – after screaming the house down the first few times we tried it. Holding up your head and neck is easy for you. Your personality is definitely starting to shine through, I love how happy and content you are.

You have also rolled over from your belly to your back (I think this is so that you can avoid ‘tummy time’ at all costs.) We play lots. You enjoy your naps and sleep well in the evenings. It won’t be long before you are in your big boy cot, you are getting too long for your moses basket. Where did my little newborn go?

Puppy has become your best friend. You lay together and he protects you. Daddy loves giving you baths and you have the most fun splashing and kicking in the water. I have got used to having you with me all the time – and wouldn’t change it for the world (although sometimes just 5 minutes would be wonderful).

Mummy was a complete wimp and couldn’t take you for your jabs on your own, Daddy had to hold you. You screamed and screamed, the first time that my heart truly realised how much I love you.

I cannot remember what life was like before you arrived. You have turned my world completely upside down – who knew babies needed so much?

All of our family adore you. You have brought so much happiness to everyone. You are a very lucky boy to have a family that will always love, adore and cherish you.

I am looking forward to seeing you develop and grow in the next month, to see what milestones you achieve. I cannot wait to take you places and teach you things as you grow up. I only wish that you will be kind, brave and smart – always try your best and smile.

I love you to the moon and back,



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Baby Boy Haul

high-res-white-page - Copy - Copy


So today I thought I would show you some items that I recently picked up for Little P. My little one is growing super fast, at 9 weeks he weighs nearly 13lb. It won’t be long before he is wearing 3-6 month clothes, so I thought I’d get him some cute bits from Next with a gift card I had. I can’t resist shopping for baby bits!


Vests // Next £8
Muslin Squares // M&S Sale £3.99

 First of all I purchased some essential short sleeved vests. These ones from Next are really good quality, they wash and dry really well, soft for baby too. I got the muslins from M&S, in the sale – £14 reduced to £3.99 and I love the little robot design. I use muslins for pretty much everything, these are super soft – the softest ones I have come across so far. I would totally pay full price for these now that I have them and know what good quality they are.

I then got Little P an outfit – jumper, trousers and shoes.


 Basic Crew Jumper // Next £9


Navy Chinos (with adjustable waistband) // Next £9


Shoes // Next £5
(They look pink here but they are actually a light grey)

Thanks for stopping by – have a lovely day!
Stacie and Grant

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Zara Baby Boy Haul


I recently purchased a few items for Little P in the Zara online sale and thought I would share them with you. I love haul posts and videos, so thought I’d have a go at my own. I apologise in advance for the photos, they aren’t the best – I’m editing in Google Picasa, trial and error at the moment.

Firstly, I was totally impressed with the packaging. The items were wrapped beautifully, made such a difference to receive something packaged so nicely! The items came in a box, and were wrapped in lovely purple tissue paper.



I have been wanting to purchase some leggings for Little P for a while now, the ones I have seen are always for girls or I just haven’t been overly keen on them. I eyed these up on the Zara website for ages, and managed to bag them in the sale, for £5.99 a pair! I actually got them in a few sizes up, so he will wear these next winter/end of summer.




I got three pairs, in similar styles with different prints.




I absolutely adore the squirrel ones! I cannot wait for Little P to wear these. They seem like really good quality. This is the first order I have placed with Zara and I am impressed. We will definitely be ordering from Zara again soon!

Thanks for reading,

S xx