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Bloggers, Weaning & A Nutella Mug Cake! #LittleLoves




#LittleLoves is a linky held over at But Why Mummy Why. I thought it would be fun to join in with this once a week.

The idea behind the posts is that they are a weekly chance to remember the little things you’ve loved that join up to make your week. You don’t need to be a parenting blogger to join in, all bloggers are welcome!

I’m really sorry for my lack of photos this week – I was having a bit of a nightmare whilst writing this post.


I haven’t been reading very much in the way of physical books lately. This has actually made me decide to venture out and purchase my own domain, freshen up the blog a bit and start posting different topics.

I have discovered some wonderful new blogs this week though.
I have found the blogging tips on this blog invaluable. It has been a lifesaver!
The recipes on this blog are just delicious!


YouTube! I recently discovered Sarah Barnes and have loved watching her grocery hauls, slimming world updates and cake tutorials. She deserves more subscribers!


I have been listening to the George Ezra album via Spotify this week, I really love his voice.



I have actually made lots this week! I’m really pleased with myself. I have made some meals for Parker – Cauliflower, Apple and Carrot Purees all frozen and stored ready for the week ahead. I am going to be doing Pear & Sweet Potato over the weekend too.


I made (and enjoyed) Cauliflower Rice for the first time this week too. Just followed a very simple recipe, it really was so easy – it turned out well. It’s really healthy, so definitely a winner for me.

Then I made a very, very naughty Nutella Mug Cake. It was sooooo delicious, and super easy to do. 1 min in the microwave! It had the perfect gooey brownie-ness to it. You can find the recipe I used here.


Excuse the messiness – I was just too eager to eat it!


My new Primark jeans – for £15 you can’t go wrong.

And Lastly

I’ve downloaded the Annabel Karmel app to help me with weaning. Being a first time mum I really don’t have a clue, so thought this would be handy. It has been fantastic so far – well worth the £3.99. It has loads of recipes, and a shopping list function. The most useful feature for me has been the meal planner. You can follow a pre-made planner (great for first tastes) suggesting when to give breakfast and lunch, and what foods to give. You can also create your own meaning I can input recipes into a visible planner, preparing for the weeks ahead.

Also, I’m hoping to go solo with my blog in the next week or so. I have purchased a new domain and am currently looking at hosting etc (getting my head around it all!). I’m looking at new themes too, thinking of treating myself. I really want to refresh my blog and add a variety of posts, I feel this is the way forward for me.

Hope you’ve all had a good week, would love to know what you’ve been up to!


Author: Stacie

UK Lifestyle & Parenting Blogger. Dog Lover. Nutella Obsessed. Diet Coke Drinker.

11 thoughts on “Bloggers, Weaning & A Nutella Mug Cake! #LittleLoves

  1. Oh my goodness, that nutella mug cake looks amazing!

    Weaning is so much fun, we did baby led weaning but you can’t go wrong with the Annabel Karmel method either

    Have a great weekend x

  2. Ooh that Nutella cakes looks lovely! I can’t buy Nutella because I just eat it from the jar and it doesn’t last very long! xx

  3. Ooh we have both got Sarah (Taming Twins) in our #littleloves this week 🙂 She lives near me. Yay for local bloggers. I’m so excited for you with your new domain etc. I hope you get it all sorted soon. Have a great weekend xx

  4. Mmm Nutella cake looks amazing, such a simple recipe. Hope all goes well with the blog changes, looking forward to seeing the end result 🙂 have a great week xx

  5. Heehee, I blame Sarah Barnes for my addiction to Malteaster Bunnies, her recipes are amazing! xx

  6. All those pots of purees and reading about weaning has brought back to many memories! I don’t know where the time has gone, I’m sure I was only doing all that yesterday, how on earth do I have a 7 and 4 year old!?
    Good luck with going self-hosted! xxx

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