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Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted buy The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new topic and invite everyone to share their lists.


Ten Books for readers who were kids in the 90’s!

I loved thinking back to childhood stories that I read and loved as a kid. I have compiled a list of 10 here, that are memorable to me, although there are many, many more! These aren’t necessarily ones that were published in the nineties, just ones that I remember loving as a 90’s kid! Some are ones I loved as a kid, the others as I ventured into the world of secondary school.

How I wish I was a kid again – the days of SM:TV live, ZZZap!, Art Attack, Funhouse, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Bodger & Badger. I’m getting a little nostalgic, on with the list…..

1. Enid Blyton! I would have to say Secret Seven, Famous Five or The Magic Faraway Tree!

2. Roald Dahl – Matilda being my top Roald Dahl book. Although I loved James & The Giant Peach, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Twits, The Witches….

3. Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

4. Point Horror – The Lifeguard, Funhouse & The Cheerleader to name a few.

5. Charlotte’s Web by E.B White

6. The Goosebumps Series by R.L Stine – Say Cheese and Die! was my favourite.

7. Alfie by Shirley Hughes

8. My Naughty Little Sister by Dorothy Edwards – I still have my original hardback copy of this, gifted to me by my late uncle, dated 1992 (I was 5!). I will never part with it. Ever.

9. Topsy & Tim by Jean Adamson.

10. The Harry Potter series. I know this is an obvious one but this was so significant to my childhood. I was 10 when the first book was published (this makes me feel extremely old!). It was the first series I followed avidly, getting my nan to pre-order the books for me in WHSmith.

What books did you read as a kid? I loved thinking back to my most memorable books – I would love to re-read some of these!


Author: Stacie

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. So much love for that list! The Magic Faraway Tree was so very magical..ahh take me back. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award, cos your blog is lovely 🙂 xx (follow the link to read more about it – I had to google it! )

  2. I love this post (another 90s kid here!)

    I loved Say Cheese and Die and hated it also: my sister used to read it before bed to scare me (it worked, I got nightmares all the time) and My Naughty Little Sister was my absolute favourite book as a kid – unfortunately don’t have it any more as it belonged to my (naughty) big sister 😦

    • Thanks, I loved making this one! So many good memories. The Goosebumps series scared me as a kid too, I really want to re-read some! I just dont want to ruin my memories of them. My Naughty Little Sister is a favourite – I couldn’t ever part with it 😊

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