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'Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.' – Mason Cooley

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted buy The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new topic and invite everyone to share their lists.


Ten book related ‘problems’ I have..

1. I want to BUY all the books. ALL. OF. THE. TIME.
I’m sure this is a common problem that most book lovers or book bloggers have. I just can’t help it. I just love them and their prettiness. Doesn’t matter whether they are physical or digital.

2. I have more unread books than I will probably ever be able to read.
I have tried so many times to bring my TBR pile down, with no success. I don’t know whether to just admit defeat, I like buying books too much.

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3. I can’t stop requesting books on NetGalley.
I have so many to read (some that have been published a long time ago, shame on me) – I just haven’t got around to them all yet.

4. I am a sucker for a beautiful cover.
I tend to judge a book by its cover unfortunately. If I’ve never heard of a book before but the cover looks good, I will probably buy it.

5. I want book quotes plastered all around my house.
I want them on my walls, in frames, on mugs – everywhere. Especially Harry Potter ones. Standard.

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6. I desperately want my son to LOVE reading as much as I do.
Even though he is only 3 months old I always read a book to him before he goes to bed. I don’t see this one as a problem per se, just something that I want to happen and can only control to a certain extent.

7. I find it difficult to understand how people cannot enjoy reading.
My husband is a non-reader. In the eight years we have been together I have known him to read two books, and that was because we were on holiday – both times. Reading is such a passion of mine that I just feel like everyone should enjoy it.

8. I want to talk to people about books all the time.
I want to talk to my ‘real-life’ friends about books all the time, but none of them are big readers. This makes me sad. That’s why I love the book blogging community so much!

9. I’d always rather be reading.
Self-explanatory really. Nothing beats a good book, comfy sofa, pj’s, fluffy socks and a diet coke or hot chocolate (I don’t drink tea or coffee!).

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10. I don’t make use of my local library enough.
I know that I have a big TBR pile, but the library is such a fantastic resource – not just for reading. It’s completely free and I can reserve books using an app on my iPad. I really need to start using it more, for baby groups and to read those books I am dying to purchase – that I don’t really have the money to buy.

P.S Have you heard of OverDrive? It is a fantastic app that allows you to borrow eBooks on your devices, for free! I love it, use it quite frequently. I believe that they have most libraries available – in most countries. Check it out – did I mention it is free? I may do a separate post/review on it soon.


Author: Stacie

UK Lifestyle & Parenting Blogger. Dog Lover. Nutella Obsessed. Diet Coke Drinker.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I love this list because I probably do about 70-80% of the same things. And I’m currently reading something on OverDrive I borrowed from the library. All the Bright Places….which is apparently going to be a movie?

  2. With my trigger-happy clicking on NetGalley in the early days, I’ve long abandoned the ones that have already been published. I’ll take the hit on my horrendous ratio as punishment.

    I found the enjoyment of reading is linked to simply reading about content that interests you. I’m sure you can find something your husband will enjoy reading–even non-fiction is a great starting point for cultivating interest!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.

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