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Book Review // The Enemy – Charlie Higson

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Format: Kindle Edition
Published: 3rd September 2009
Publisher: Penguin UK
Pages: 406
Series/Standalone?: Series (#1 of 6)
Genre: YA Horror

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This book is counting towards my British Books Challenge & my 2015 Reading Challenge.

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Synopsis taken from Goodreads:

In the wake of a devastating disease, everyone sixteen and older is either dead or a decomposing, brainless creature with a ravenous appetite for flesh. Teens have barricaded themselves in buildings throughout London and venture outside only when they need to scavenge for food. The group of kids living a Waitrose supermarket is beginning to run out of options. When a mysterious traveller arrives and offers them safe haven at Buckingham Palace, they begin a harrowing journey across London. But their fight is far from over-the threat from within the palace is as real as the one outside it.
Full of unexpected twists and quick-thinking heroes, “The Enemy” is a fast-paced, white-knuckle tale of survival in the face of unimaginable horror.

My Thoughts:

Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable read. It was fast paced with lots of action right from the start. A great book for teenagers, reluctant young readers and those who love anything ‘zombie’.

There are a lot of characters to get your head around in this one. This was confusing for me at the start, but once the plot had kicked in it became easier to determine who was who. I think this was actually an advantage to the novel – there were lots of different things happening all the way through, to keep you engaged and ‘on your toes’. Each character definitely has their own voice – I particularly liked Maxie & Ollie. The author portrays kids from all different age groups and backgrounds well, I liked the diverse mix.


I loved the gore throughout this whole novel. Right from the start the author throws you in to a world of blood, guts and sticky endings – something which I loved! There is always something lurking around the corner, ready to surprise you. Killing off a few of the main characters was also a shock – I love authors who do this (and do it well). I didn’t see the deaths coming, it was great how the author took a risk and wasn’t afraid to do it!

This is part of a six book series, and although I enjoyed it I’m not in any rush to complete the series. If I wanted – at some point – to finish these I would probably pick them up at the library, or on my Kindle. I’m glad I got around to it, as I love a good zombie novel, but I am in no rush to finish them off.

This book would be a brilliant one for reluctant boy readers – the blood and gore is great. I could think of a few boys I teach that would love this book, so will definitely be recommending it to them.

Happy Reading!
Stacie and Grant




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