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Zara Baby Boy Haul

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I recently purchased a few items for Little P in the Zara online sale and thought I would share them with you. I love haul posts and videos, so thought I’d have a go at my own. I apologise in advance for the photos, they aren’t the best – I’m editing in Google Picasa, trial and error at the moment.

Firstly, I was totally impressed with the packaging. The items were wrapped beautifully, made such a difference to receive something packaged so nicely! The items came in a box, and were wrapped in lovely purple tissue paper.



I have been wanting to purchase some leggings for Little P for a while now, the ones I have seen are always for girls or I just haven’t been overly keen on them. I eyed these up on the Zara website for ages, and managed to bag them in the sale, for £5.99 a pair! I actually got them in a few sizes up, so he will wear these next winter/end of summer.




I got three pairs, in similar styles with different prints.




I absolutely adore the squirrel ones! I cannot wait for Little P to wear these. They seem like really good quality. This is the first order I have placed with Zara and I am impressed. We will definitely be ordering from Zara again soon!

Thanks for reading,

S xx


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