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On the Edge – Charlie Carroll

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Format: Paperback (Library)
Published: 23rd September 2010
Publisher: Monday Books
Pages: 256
Series/Standalone?: Standalone
Genre: Non Fiction

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 Synopsis taken from Amazon:

‘I cannot count how many times I have been told to f*** off by a pupil.’

Charlie Carroll is a successful young teacher in a great school. He loves his job but wants to see the tougher side of British education. So he hands in his notice, takes to the road in a beat-up old camper van and spends a year travelling round England’s most deprived areas, supply teaching in dozens of the country’s roughest comprehensives.

Carroll is battered and bewildered by what he finds; pupils threaten to abuse him, deal drugs, flash knives, surf the internet for porn and fight in class. Often, lessons are more about riot control than learning.

He’s almost broken by the experience, but just occasionally – in the most surprising of places – he comes across inspiring kids who are battling against the odds.

This is his frank, funny and frightening story of a journey to the edge of modern education.

My Thoughts:

Another non fiction read this year, and one that I can particularly relate to.

Charlie Carroll took on the challenge of working as a supply teacher in some of the UK’s most challenging schools – a brave, brave man in my opinion! This book provides a great insight into the modern secondary, state education system – at the time it was written.

The book is gritty and real, providing daily challenges and anecdotes from other colleagues and most importantly students. It is an adventurous tasks, that conveys the good, the bad and the downright ugly elements of state education.

I felt that this book was great for teachers and non teachers alike. Some of the tales are truly unbelievable, others heart wrenching and a few downright terrifying. Having worked in a mainstream secondary school for seven years, and recently completing my GTP year I can totally relate to the events and situations Carroll depicts. It is a great book for those who truly believe that teachers have the life of luxury, a genuine insight into the emotional, physical and mental demands of the job.

If you are interested in education or teaching, give this a go! I was pleasantly surprised.



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