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Juvie – Steve Watkins

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Format: Hardcover (Borrowed from Library)
Published: 8th October 2013
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Pages: 320
Series/Standalone?: Standalone
Score: 3 out of 5

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 Synopsis taken from Amazon:

Heart-wrenching and real, Juvie tells the story of two sisters grappling with accountability, sacrifice — and who will be there to help you after you take the fall.

Sadie Windas has always been the responsible one — she’s the star player on her AAU basketball team, she gets good grades, she dates a cute soccer player, and she tries to help out at home. Not like her older sister, Carla, who leaves her three-year-old daughter, Lulu, with Aunt Sadie while she parties and gets high. But when both sisters are caught up in a drug deal — wrong place, wrong time — it falls to Sadie to confess to a crime she didn’t commit to keep Carla out of jail and Lulu out of foster care. Sadie is supposed to get off with a slap on the wrist, but somehow, impossibly, gets sentenced to six months in juvie. As life as Sadie knew it disappears beyond the stark bars of her cell, her anger — at her ex-boyfriend, at Carla, and at herself — fills the empty space left behind. Can Sadie forgive Carla for getting her mixed up in this mess? Can Carla straighten herself out to make a better life for Lulu, and for all of them? Can Sadie survive her time in juvie with her spirit intact?

My Thoughts:

So, I was excited to read this novel after stumbling across it in the library. Overall, it was an okay read – easy and quick, with glimpses of promise.

I enjoyed the first half of the novel more than the second. I felt like the ending was rushed and unfinished, lots of questions were left unanswered. Maybe that was the authors intention?

I liked Sadie, our main protagonist – she was gutsy and real, opinionated and independent. I didn’t agree with her decisions at times, although these were justified. Her time in Juvie was documented well, there were dramas galore. It was a great insight, even if it was somewhat too fabricated.  I enjoyed the combination of different characters and their individual backgrounds, motives and quirks – this added depth to the story.

Sadie’s sister was a very frustrating character. I found her very irritating – whiny and selfish. A complete drip. I wanted her to wake up and sort herself out, maybe another of the author’s intentions?

Overall, Juvie had a good premise – I was just a little disappointed with the overall execution.

A quick, easy read with some interesting characters. A good insight into the life of a teenage criminal, even if her decisions were somewhat questionable.



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