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The New Hunger (Warm Bodies #0.5) – Isaac Marion

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Format: Paperback (Library)
Published: 24th October 2013
Publisher: Vintage
Pages: 165
Series/Standalone?: Series
Score: 4 out of 5

Goodreads | Amazon | The Book Depository

 Synopsis taken from The Book Depository:

The Guardian called Warm Bodies ‘the zombie novel with a heart’; Audrey Niffenegger said ‘Warm Bodies is an unexpected treat’, and Stephenie Meyer eagerly looked forward to the next book.

Here it is: the prequel to Warm Bodies, released to coincide with the major film adaptation from the producers of Twilight, starring Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult. Julie Grigio drives with her parents through the crumbling wastelands of America – a nightmarish family road trip in search of a new home. A few hundred miles away, Nora Greene finds herself the reluctant, terrified guardian of her younger brother when her parents abandon them in the not-quite-empty ruins of Seattle. In the darkness of a forest, a dead man in a red tie opens his eyes. With no memory of who or what he is, he must unravel the grim mystery of his existence – right after he learns how to think, how to walk, and how to satisfy the monster howling in his belly…Two warped families and a lonely monster. Unknown to any of them, their paths are set to cross in a startling encounter that will change the course of their lives – or deaths – forever

My Thoughts:

Okay, so I love Zombies – The Walking Dead is my addiction and I am devastated that I have to wait so long for Season Five. I had high hopes for this book and I wasn’t disappointed.

This is the prequel to Warm Bodies. It was a great, fresh new take on Zombies and the lives of people within this new society. The novel is split into multiple narratives – I particularly enjoyed Nora’s story, it really stood out for me. I really sympathised with her and wanted her story to be a happy one. I was devastated, and quite surprised by the ending of her battle for survival.

The story provides a new insight into the life of a newly created zombie. It was completely different to what I was expecting and I loved it for this reason. The thoughts and feelings of our unknown ‘monster’ really help to move the story along, I was enthralled by the struggles and changes that this person made throughout.

I will pick up Warm Bodies as I am intrigued to find out what happens next. I’m not sure when I will get round to it as I have got to tackle my huge TBR mountain (see post here).

Have you read this book or Warm Bodies? What did you think? Can you recommend any other good zombie novels?


This novel was an intriguing new take on the zombie phenomena. The multiple narratives help to keep it fresh and exciting, whilst being easy to follow. A good, short read which had blood and gore in all the right places.



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