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Stacking the Shelves [#1]


Stacking the Shelves is a meme held over at Tyngna’s Reviews. It is all about sharing the books on your shelves, physical or virtual. A great way to share books that you have purchased online, in bookstores, borrowed from the library, received for review or purchased as e-books.

I have got quite a few books to show you. I have accumulated these over the past two weeks, visiting my library today and finding some real gems. One of my 2014 resolutions is to use the library more and I always forget how fantastic they are until I have some spare time to browse.

I will start with my recent charity shop finds – you will have to excuse my poor photo quality, I can’t find my camera so had to take with my iPhone.

  photo 2

(Top to Bottom)

1) Can you keep a secret? and The Tennis Party by Sophie Kinsella

I love Sophie Kinsella’s books. They are great, fun reads and I enjoy them immensely. Sophie Kinsella is probably the only chick-lit author I enjoy – I wanted to add these to my collection and picked them up for £1.25 each!

2) How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

I have heard so much about this book from BookTube so when I saw it in the charity shop – in pristine condition – I had to pick it up, especially at a cost of £1.25! The cover is absolutely beautiful. It follows the story of 15 year old New Yorker Daisy who gets sent to the English countryside to live with cousins that she hasn’t met. Her world is turned upside down and the perfect summer that she encounters is blown into a million pieces. Looking forward to this one.

3) The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

Again, the cover drew me in to this book. This book follows the story of a twelve year old boy grieving for his mother. He takes comfort in the books that surround him, soon what is real and what is fantasy begin to meld into one. It sounds fantastic, I love anything that incorporates fairy tales too so cannot wait for this one. Got this for £1.50!

4) Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

One of my favourite BookTubers – MercysMusings – has raved about this novel and author as one of her favourites. I picked this up based on her recommendation, for a mere £1.25 in yet again excellent condition.

Now for my library haul:

photo 1

1) Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

I have heard so much about this author, mostly the Mistborn Trilogy. This book is a fantasy novel that apparently incorporates superheroes and awesome world building. Exciting!

2) Looking at the Stars by Jo Cotterill

I haven’t heard anything about this book. I wandered in to the library and it was on the stand near the doors. I was drawn in by its beautiful cover. It says; ‘Looking at the Stars is inspired by events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the Congo, and all the other countries in which imagination is sometimes the only thing keeping people’s hopes alive.’ I am definitely intrigued, sounds like it might be a tearjerker too!

3) Jellybird by Lezanne Clannachan

Again, intrigued by the cover and title I picked this book up, on the ‘hot-picks’ stand. I do not know anything about it nor have I heard of it on GoodReads or YouTube. The authors debut novel ‘Jellybird is a dark, unsettling novel of childhood secrets’ – I hope I enjoy this one.

4) Across the Universe by Beth Revis and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I picked these up because of the hype on BookTube. I haven’t read Scarlet yet, loved Cinder and of course Cress has just been realised.

5) Fables (Graphic Novel) by Willingham, Buckingham and Leialoha

I picked up the first three in this graphic novel series, one of my 2014 resolutions being to read more of this genre. This is a fairy tale adaptation and has high recommendations on BookTube.

Books purchased from Amazon;

photo 4

Emily BronteWuthering Heights, Charles DickensThe Old Curiosity Shop and Oliver Twist in the Penguin English Library editions. I want to read more classics this year and couldn’t resist these covers.

A freebie!

photo 3

The Positively Last Performance by Geraldine McCaughrean

The author of this novel has used my local town as her setting incorporating our seaside, amusements, attractions and theatre. Geraldine has been promoting the book in the town with the support of the local library as part of a ‘Big Town Read’. I went along with some of my students and the school librarian, to take part in a workshop with the author and was lucky enough to receive a copy for free.

These are all the books I have purchased/received/borrowed so far in February 2014. Have you read any? Do any interest you?


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10 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves [#1]

  1. Look at the stars is new to me. Hope you can stop by mine.

  2. These look pretty awesome! I have Scarlet this week too! I’ve already read it, but I bought the paperback just ’cause it’s awesome. And I’ve heard about Steelheart and haven’t decided if I want to read it or not. People seem to either totally love or hate it. lol Very extreme. 😉 My StS!

    • Thanks for visiting! I am looking forward to all of them, I will post a review of Steelheart once I’m done – I will read with an open mind 🙂 Looking for the Stars really intrigues me too. I borrowed Scarlet from the library months ago and just never got around to reading it, I have seen the cover for Cress and want to carry on with the series – so hopefully I enjoy it.

  3. Nice haul. I’ve read Steelheart and Rebecca and enjoyed them both. Come see what I got at Ms. Martin Teaches Media and Inside of a Dog. Happy reading!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! I am looking forward to them both – so many books and not enough time! I am on half term break in a week so hoping to get lots of reading and reviews done then. I would also really love to discover some new authors in 2014.

  4. Great haul! I’ve heard good things about Across the Universe but haven’t read it myself. I read How I Live Now but didn’t really like it that much. I hope you enjoy all of your books 🙂 My STS.

  5. Great haul this week. I hope you enjoy reading all your new books!

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