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Top Ten Tuesday – Resolutions for 2014

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted buy The Broke and The Bookish. Each week they post a new topic and invite everyone to share their lists.

I decided to have a go at it this week, in order to give myself some reading (and non-reading) goals for the year 2014. The first 6 are book related, the last 4 are just general life related goals.

1 – To start a book blog.
I have been reading book blogs and watching BookTubers videos since March 2013. I came across them by looking for a review of Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ as I couldn’t make up my mind whether to purchase it or not. I had no idea that this community existed and was enthralled. I quickly subscribed and followed YouTubers and Bloggers, hoping that one day I might have my own. I have always wanted something to do, for myself, that doesn’t involve work with the hope that I can make new friends along the way. I guess you could say I have already done/started this one – but here’s to continuing it throughout 2014.

2 – Read 35 books.
I am attempting to read 35 books this year in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. This may not sound like a lot to you but with my full time job and seasonal evening work finding time for reading can be tough. I set this goal to be realistic for me.

3 – Read at least 3 classics.
I rarely read classics. I recently completed an English degree with the Open University in June 2013. I had to read A LOT of classics for part of this course. I think because I had to read so many I wanted a break from them, so haven’t picked one up since. I absolutely loved Emile Zola’s ‘Germinal’ – I am hoping to read another of his works this year.

4 – Read at least 2 graphic novels.
I read Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’ in graphic novel form last year. It was a great book that really opened my eyes to other genres and styles out there. This year I would like to read at least two graphic novels, I already have my eye on a few. Can you recommend any?

5 – Use my local library more.
I need to stop buying books. I have so many already and my budget will not allow me to keep purchasing. I visited my library a few times last year and was always surprised at the range of books they stock. Why am I not utilising this FREE resource? I intend to use my library more this year.

6 – Begin hunting for books at local charity shops.
I am always surprised by the good books fellow bloggers seem to find in local charity shops. I am going to hunt my mine and see what gems I can find. Cheaper than buying brand new!

7 – Drink more water, less fizzy!
This is a personal goal. I drink way to many sugary drinks, this year I want to cut down and drink more water. Simples.

8 – Begin work on our house, starting with the bathroom.
Since beginning to save for our wedding since Jan 2012, our funds have not allowed us to decorate/renovate our home. This year me and my husband intend to do just this, starting with the bathroom. We have plans and ideas, this is a goal I desperately want to fulfil.

9 – Start yoga at home.
I am always sceptical about gym memberships. I’ve never had one through fear of wasting money on something I will not use. I have always wanted to try yoga but find it tricky to get to classes. I found a great site online that allows you to stream FREE classes in the comfort of your own home. I intend to do this at least once a week. You can find the site here.

10 – Remember birthdays and anniversaries.
I am terrible at this. So, although a very simple goal I intend to remember all birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends this year. I have even purchased an address/birthday book from WHSmiths, find it here.

What are your 2014 resolutions?


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