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Karl Pilkington – The Moaning Of Life

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‘Who looked at an ostrich and thought, “I could make a nice bag out of that”?
All the trouble Noah went to saving the animals two by two and now we’re making bags out of them.’


Synopsis taken from Amazon:

‘I’ve been on the planet for forty years now, and I’m still none the wiser as to what it’s all about really. I’ve never worried about life’s big questions. People at my age sit about pondering “why are we here?” The only time I ever asked myself that is when Suzanne booked us a surprise holiday to Lanzarote.’

Karl Pilkington is forty years old. He’s not married, he doesn’t have kids, and he’s got a job where he’s known as an ‘idiot’. It’s time for him to take stock and face up to life’s big question – what does it all mean?

Karl is no stranger to travel, and now he’s off on a series of adventures around the globe to find out how other cultures approach life’s big issues. Travelling from far-flung tribes to high-tech cities, Karl experiences everything from a drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas to a vocational theme park in Japan, he meets a group of people in Mexico who find happiness through pain, undergoes a plastic surgery procedure in LA, and even encounters a woman in Bali who lets him help deliver her baby.

Have his experiences changed him? Find out in this hilarious new book where Karl shares his stories (and opinions) in his inimitable style. Karl Pilkington is back on the road, and this time he’s on a journey of self-discovery…

My Thoughts:

I got this book as a Christmas present from my younger sister. I have watched ‘Idiot Abroad’ but have yet to watch ‘The Moaning of Life’. I was dubious about this book, as I wondered whether it would be well written whilst keeping the humour that Karl is all about. I was not disappointed!

Based on the recent TV series this book can be read alongside or as a stand alone. It is split into five chapters; Marriage, Kids, Vocation & Money, Happiness and Death. Karl travels to many different parts of the world and explores various traditions and cultures, learning about some weird and wonderful rituals.

I found this book surprisingly informative. I learnt about arranged marriages, sea gypsies in Bali, a hip hop dancing clown in Mexico, bizarre funeral rituals in Ghana, the job of a professional mourner in Taiwan and hanging coffins in Sagada. Karl’s anecdotes and one-liners are brilliant, a true reflection of his unique individuality.

The book is an exceptionally fun read. The events are bought to life with the fantastic colour photographs and illustrations. This was a brilliant touch, helping me to visualise his surroundings and the people he met on his travels. The chatty, informal manner of the book was also a bonus. I felt like Karl was having a conversation with me over a cuppa.

I would definitely recommend this book for Karl Pilkington fans, or those who want to learn more about different countries, cultures and traditions in a fun, light hearted way.

     Source: Hardcover       First Published: 10th Oct 2013

Pages: 384                            Score: 4 out of 5

‘Full of anecdotes, quotes and one-liners – a funny, light hearted read which explores many different cultures and traditions. A great book for those who enjoy travelling and learning about new places or are simply die-hard Karl Pilkington fans.’


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